Our Team

The Management Team at Mistral Detection consists of experienced military, Homeland Security, technology and defense industry personnel who form the cornerstone of our presence in the market. Together we provide the expertise that our partners and clients around the world depend on.



Innovative security and defense advanced solutions for military, police, homeland security and border control field personnel with each solution adapted to their operational needs.

Industry Partners:

Furnishing manufacturers of security and defense technologies and solutions with the marketing leadership and tools to reach the worldwide clientele.

Prime Contractors:

Providing Prime Contractors with services to integrate solutions for field use - bridging technological, cultural, economic and global gaps - to maximize the effectiveness of every product within existing and future operations.

Technological and Industrial Expertise

In addition to our marketing role at Mistral Detection, we also develop and manufacture capabilities for producing innovative security and defense products found nowhere else.

Industry Partners:

Develop and manufacture unique, proprietary drug detection products for use by law enforcers, educational institutions, and private consumers; plus a broad range of explosive detection and forensic products.

We develop and manufacture explosion-resistant containment systems, including blast resistant receptacles and explosive containment vessels (stationary and mobile).

Prime Contractors:

Mistral Detection products are designed and manufactured to meet the strict standards of the Israeli Defense Industry, as well as US Department of Defense and European requirements. Mistral Detection is ISO 9000:2008 Certified.

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